For any Varitronics® brand thermal printer!
No electricity and a superior finish!

Our goal - poster paper supplies at the best prices.

We stock the widest range of thermal poster paper, wide format ink-jet and specialty papers. Check back soon to see our new paper ranges from HP, Canon, Epson and more! Our specialty product, thermal poster paper is made right here in the U.S.A. and is compatible with all Varitronics® brand printers! Click on the button to see the compatibility list! Our new site makes it easy to order online and even pay with purchase orders, Paypal, or credit cards!

Our thermal poster paper products are compatible with the following printers:

  • Varitronics® POSTER MAKER 3600
  • Varitronics® ProImage®
  • Varitronics® ProImage® Plus
  • Varitronics® ProImage® XL
  • Varitronics® ProImage® Plus 3000
  • Varitronics® ProImage® XL 3000
  • Varitronics® Pro 36® Color
  • Varitronics® PosterPrinter™
  • Varitronics® PosterPrinter™ Plus

Laminate our paper with cold laminators

The thermal paper supplies by Thermal Poster Paper is of the direct thermal variety (DTP). This means that our paper can not be run through hot laminators.

Cold laminating - the low hassle, efficient replacement to traditional laminating.

The Xyron 2500 Cold Laminator provides an easy, cost effective way to protect the posters you make, with exciting advantages over traditional hot laminators.
  • Fully compatible with our thermal plster paper - no need to spend $130.00+ per roll of paper!
  • No heat, no smell and no electricity needed!
  • Dual sided adhesive coating means you can now trim any part of your poster or creation without destroying the laminate seal.

Our laminators all come with free shipping and one roll of laminate to start off!

See our range of cold laminators and supplies

No longer will you be forced to use expensive, proprietary paper.

The Varitronics® Poster Maker 3600 is the latest model thermal poster printer avilable. Although very similar to previous models in functionality, the manufacturer has attempted to force clients to use proprietary paper which includes an RFID chip. Thermal Poster Paper however, has sourced replacement end caps for these new printers, and best of all, they are FREE with your purchase! Call us today to find out more about how you can use our paper in your Poster Maker 3600 printer

Thermal Poster Paper at the best prices

Red Circle Solutions was founded in 2006 with a vision to simplify the purchasing process for schools, local and state governments, law enforcement, healthcare and corporate clients. Our vision at Red Circle Solutions is to help our clients obtain top quality products that fit their needs, at the best possible prices. In addition to our vast product catalog, we also focus very heavily on providing world class customer support and customer service. At Red Circle Solutions, our clients are at the center of everything we do - not our bottom line.

Thermal Poster was envisioned by Red Circle Solutions to address the need for schools to obtain wide format printing supplies at the the best possible prices with the leat hassle. In the last few years particularly, manufacturers of thermal printers have attempted to force clients to purchase paper at excessive prices due to technologies including RFID tagging in the end caps of their paper. This has allowed them to charge on average $129.95 per roll! Thermal Poster Paper directly addresses the needs of schools to continue using their thermal printers, without being forced to pay these excessive prices. We are dedicated to providing our clients with cost effective alternatives to the thermal printer manufacturer supplies pricing.

We look forward to serving you, our customers and we will continue to strive to improve upon our world-class product.

Popular Products - 23" Direct Thermal Paper

Want to print your posters in full color?

Thermal poster printers provide an easy and effective way of printing in 2 colors, but what if there was a way to print full-color, photo quality posters with scan to print? Well now there is! The Poster Studio Express full color poster making system allows you to finally enlarge your creations in FULL COLOR, with scan to print just like your thermal printer! The Poster Studio Express also includes industry leading design software and poster templates to dramatically enhance your school, classroom and district!

Neons - 23" Direct Thermal Paper

Pastels - 23" Direct Thermal Paper